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We are London's first and only one-stop-shop Funeral Arranging Service.

We specialise in helping reduce the stress and confusion, both for those who have suffered a recent bereavement as well as helping those who wish to make forward funeral arrangements for their own special day.

Working closely together, we will advise, plan and arrange all your funeral wishes and ensure the day will be a beautiful one.

We will ensure that your day pays special tribute and honours the memory of your loved one, no matter what your budget.

We thought your service was just too good to be true. A heartfelt thank you for your fabulous organisation of our father's funeral - R. Edebiri, April 2013. 

Supporting You Tomorrow and Beyond…

The death of a loved one will affect everyone differently. This is fine as there is no ‘set’ time or way of grieving.

Bereavement Counselling

Some of these signs are very evident, for example, you may experience difficulty sleeping or you may find that you no longer have a healthy appetite and go for long periods without eating.

You may feel anxious, depressed or you don't really know what to do with yourself - a state of limbo.

However, for some, and particularly in the case of children, there may not be clear signs that we can pinpoint.

Talking to someone about how we are feeling offers enormous relief for many as they find that they are able to express how they are feeling without any judgement and in a private setting.


Here we give you a few signs to look for and points to consider for both adults and children's needs.


Personal Touch Funeral Planning, here to help you


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Who are Personal Touch?

  • Who are Personal Touch

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