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Our unique bespoke personalised calendars capture and celebrate the lives of loved ones both past and present.

Printed on the highest quality paper, they are available in a choice of 7 designs, and make a timeless and precious gift for all family and friends.

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‘To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die’ 

Hymns & Songs


The right choice of hymns and songs can make a lasting impression at a funeral.


It is important when thinking of the hymns and songs thatyou are going have in your service that you consider a few points:


  • How well is the hymn that you are going to pick known by the family and friends that will be attending

If is a well known hymn, then it will allow all those attending to be able to take part and really fill the air of the church with wonderful melodies. On the other hand your choice may be one that was a favourite of the person who you are honouring and that wll be may be more important to you than whether it is a particularly well known choice.

  • Is there a particular hymn or song that was a favourite of your loved one
  • What type of sentiment will the hymn or song envoke

This will be particularly important dependent on the type of mood that you would like to create for your special day. 

At this time there will be many things that will want to said, but some may find it difficult to find the exact words to express their feelings.

Hymns, Songs and Poetry can help us explain some of these sentiments, as there will often be a song or a line from a poem that will bring back special memories of a loved one.


Here to help you

We have a vast selection of hymns and poems that can be used on your special day.

Your dedicated funeral arranger can discuss your choices with you by calling our offices or at your appointment.

They will further help you with your reading choices for your special day and will happily source any words and music for you that we may not have a record of.


The Personal Touch, here to help you





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